What’s New?

Unfortunately I will not be competing in my usual competitions this year.  I took off last year and made great improvements to my body overall, as some of you have seen at this years competition. I weighed in at 232 lbs. at this years USA’s,  which is 12 lbs. heavier than last year! I want to bring back something next year that they can’t miss. I think 9-10 more pounds in addition to improving my weak points should have me in the top five. In 2020 I will be competing in the Texas championships and then the USA competition.

My wife Jenny will be furthering her figure career next spring and is looking to go pro this time which I personally I think she will (but I may be a little biased). My workout partner and good friend Frank Smithing will be doing the Jr. Nationals this year in the light heavies if we can get his weight down (already way over the cut at 5.5 % off season!). You won’t miss him. To see some training pics of us check out the workout section soon.  If I can get my friend Jeremy to compete this that will be something to see as well. And finally I will be in some upcoming issues of Mens Health too. ( I was just in a recent issue).

Personal Training

Exceptional Bodies is the name of my personal training service.  I have named my business Exceptional Bodies for one reason, you get more than you would ever expect! I’m not going to sit back and tell you how easy it is because anything worth having in life isn’t easy.

What I can do is give you every tool you’ll ever need to accomplish your goals. Whether you are overweight or underweight, toning or building or just general fitness, I have programs for every fitness or bodybuilding need. I guarantee results and have outstanding references to prove it. In this field you want to be with a personal trainer who practices what they preach because these services are never cheap (if they are be aware). 

Having a trainer like me, who is an experienced bodybuilder, knows how to lose weight, save lean body mass/tone and also knows how to add the mass for those of you who want to gain lean muscle will be a huge advantage… almost as huge as my biceps 🙂

I will be adding updates from some of my current clients soon as they all have been making such excellent progress. I will soon also be adding a new section answering questions that I regularly get asked. For example, how much protein should you be consuming per day or how many reps and sets of a particular exercise you should be performing depending on your targets. There will also be more news soon and I will update when I compete again.

Weightlifting Shoes – Why I Insist On Them

For anyone that I mentor or any of my friends who are serious about lifting, there is something that I insist that they do. And that is… get a good pair of weightlifting shoes.

I see it all too often… somebody performing heavy squats or deadlifts with poor form because they have the wrong footwear. There is so much wrong with lifting in running shoes to the point where it’s almost dangerous. Now, I know that some people struggle with finding shoes (and clothes) that fit them properly (myself included). The solution to this is just going to try them on. I actually have unusually wide feet and I had to do my research and try a few pairs on. Then I eventually managed to find these weight lifting shoes for my wide feet.

So, as soon as you’ve discovered the perfect training routine and got the best supplements so you can achieve the best results from your workout, the next thing you need to begin to think about is investing in some weight lifting shoes.

Just in the same way that there’s a body movement pattern which takes place when you are running of jogging through your neighborhood, there’s also a pattern of motion that takes place when you are executing weight lifting exercises.

jason lifting

When you think about it, there will be an extremely large volume of force acting on the entire body, most of which is passed through the feet to the floor. If your feet don’t have the appropriate positioning and cushioning they can be put in an unsuitable (and sometimes dangerous) position need to deal with this force. Also, you won’t receive the full advantages of the exercise and you might even end up hurt.

For people who are exercising fairly intensely, there are a variety of benefits of using weightlifting shoes, a lot of which you will notice immediately upon stepping into the gym as you get into your exercise routine.

The most important issue with lifting at an everyday running shoe or sneaker is these are quite cushioned on the bottoms, which causes the entire body to actually ‘sink’ to the shoes whenever you are intending to lift a heavy amount of weight.

Should you have the money, you should invest in a great set of weight lifting shoes. It will certainly be worthwhile! The difference they could make to your lifting and just how much weight you can actually lift will likely be striking, particularly if you’re now lifting with cushioned sneakers.