• Offseason weight – 276  
  • Pre contest – 212
  • Height – 5’11”
  • Hair – dark
  • Eyes- blue
  • Married to Jenny Bard
  • One child – step son Jim
  • Dog Lover – 2 german shepherds
  • Favorite Food – BBQ & Pizza

My favorite past time is to go to the movies and play my PS4, EATING, and spending time with my family, and taking the dogs hiking.

I started working out at 22 years old. My brother, Billy, who was playing college football and worked out religiously, told me I could be a pretty big guy if I would workout more outside of football. So I started working out with him. I made fast gains. I gained 20 lbs. in 6 months. From 170 to 190 at 5’10”. I did my first competition in 2001, The John Sherman Classic, I won 1st in the heavy class at 200 lbs. I took 3 years to improve. My next show was the 2003 Lone star classic where I entered the super-heavies at 223lbs and won 1st and overall. I wanted to catch up so I did the 2004 jr. natl, 2 weeks later where I placed 3rd at 237lbs. Four months later I did the 2005 Nationals where I  happily placed 13th in the biggest super-heavy class ever of 33. I took a short off season in 2006 to prepare for my first USA appearance. I dialed in nicely for the show I just didn’t have the size I needed but I still placed 12th out of 24. Finally I took a year off to gain the package necessary to be more competitive. I was going for the 04′  USA’s.  I put on a quality 9 lbs of lean mass by the weigh-ins and appearance wise I was dramatically improved. I placed 9th in the show and all I can say is I moved up three spots and thats improvement.  

I am now taking the year off to build a freaky package. With my wife, family and friends supporting me and of course God willing I can achieve anything. And  the best of Jason Bard is yet to come so keep watching. Thank you all for visiting.