Name : Jenny V Bard – 5′ 5″

 Birth date: April 5th Contest History: 

  • Heart of Texas 2005 – Figure Short Class – 2nd
  • Ronnie Coleman Classic – 2006 – Figure Short Class – 2nd
  • Nationals Team Universe 2006 – Figure Short Class B – 12th
  • Nationals Team Universe 2007 – Figure Class A – 8th
  • Nationals North American 2008 – Figure Class A – 12th 
  • One Child – son – Jim – born December 17, 2001
  • Favorite Diet food – Oatmeal and protein powder
  • Favorite Cheat food – Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ice Cream and Almonds 
  • Occupation – Personal Trainer 
  • Hobbies – Doing athletic activities with my friends, running the dogs at the track, movies, and spending any time with the family! 
  • Favorite Supplements – REFLEX VITAMINS (I swear by them – I even took their prenatal vitamins), Dymatize Whey Protein (Chocolate or Chocolate Mint) 

My heroes – First Godmy son (who puts up with my husbands and my competing and is so patient and supportive), My husband (Who I love so much and is truly my best friend who also puts up with all my moods and is so motivating to me and very driven), and Dinah Anderson (my training partner and very good friend whom I love and respect so much – she has done so much for me and with me!  I could never give this wonderful lady and athlete enough praise!) 

Sponsors – I want to thank – Sara Atherbury- every second of time she gives me, Grant Carman(owner of One to One Training), Jimmy Wang (owner of Houston Gym) Sam at Reflex vitamins, My clients and friends Mick Barrowell & Jack Combubu (owner of the local Italian Grill), Matt Nichols at Wayfair Nutrition -without these wonderful people my competing would not be possible